Tight on time but need to get away? City breaks give you the opportunity to escape for a few days and immerse yourself in history, culture, shopping, sightseeing and nightlife.

Europe offers a wealth of city break destinations, many just a couple of hours away by plane or train. Couples will love the romantic ambience of Paris, Venice, Bruges and Shakespeare’s Verona whilst Barcelona, Dublin, Prague and Reykjavik are very popular choices for those in search of a few days combining fantastic sightseeing with vibrant nightlife. History buffs will love exploring museums, castles, churches and ancient ruins in Rome, Berlin, Athens, Dubrovnik and Istanbul, the latter a beautifully ancient straddling the divide between Europe and Asia.

Further afield, the USA boasts more than its fair share of unforgettable city breaks. Whether you choose the alluring sights and sounds of New York City, the dazzling lights and endless nights of Las Vegas, the sandy shores of Miami and Los Angeles; there will be something for everyone ‘across the pond’.

City Breaks